• The elements or material included in the E3 stands are the following::
    • Counter
    • Table and 2 chairs
  • 9 m2 (3x3m) simple stand, stand modality located throughout the Hangar.
  • Number of Stands…………..70

Bronze Sponsor

Up to 2 persons can be accredited


Bronze Sponsor.


  • Priority access to the opening ceremony, (auditorium of the UCLM Assembly Hall), 1 representative.
  • Mention in the press release, inclusion of information in the official digital dossier.


Each E3 accredited person will be entitled to special process in the hotel organised by the Organisation on 18 and 19 October as bed and breakfast accommodation.

Lunch at the TLP “MURF” restaurant, special menu price for 2 accredited persons.

50% discount for research groups at this level, on the purchase of the Stand.

Startups will have special terms and conditions, please call 639 335 116 for further information

Steps to follow for contracting the Stand

Step 1:

  • Ring the following telephone number: + 34 639 335 116 so as to be sent a plan and choose your stand.

Step 2: 

  • A link will be sent to the online store so that you can choose and make the payment of the stand rental by online purchase or Stand bank transfer.

Step 3:

  • Once payment has been made, a maximum of 2 people can register